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Wuhan Vimsome Group was set up in 1997. After about 10 years development of innonating management to increase benefits, innovating thoughts to leading markets, innovating business pattern to keep sustainable development, the enterprise has developed into a large nongovernmental business enterprise group that intergrates steel products domestic and overseas trade, steel processing, iron and steel logistics, special car manufacturing and real estate development as a whole.
The Group takes Wuhan Vimsome Group Corporation as the core, and has some subsidiary corporations under its management, such as Wuhan Vimsome Steel and Iron Trading Co., Ltd., Wuhan Henggang Logistics Development Co., Ltd., Wuhan Vimsome Special-purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Hubei Jianlong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and etc.
Since the establishment of the Group, sticking to the road of development-related diversification, taking an extended target of being an international large enterprise group gradually, creates high quality service brand, improves the enterprise core competitiveness, realizes from single trading enterprise to manufacturing and industrial enterprise, and the comprehensive economic strength of the enterprise has got fast promotion. The current total asserts of the Group reaches about 2 billian yuan with an annual capital operation capability over 3 billian yuan. The group is the financial key support enterprise for commercial acceptance bill approved by the People’s Bank of China Wuhan Branch and top ten credit enterprise, and it has been honored the title of “AAA” credit enterprise.
Wuhan Vimsome Holdings Co., Ltd. Insist on the strategic planning management and the full budget management as the main method, which can lead the development direction more scientifically and distinctly, and can locate the resources reasonably. We persist in enterprise business conception of “dedicated, professional, cooperative, innovative”, focusing on the service for the expanding steel and iron industry chain, with our all sincerity, achieving the win-win for the clients and the suppliers through the coorperation in every ways. We stand on our main and core businesses firmly, also taking the multiple management into accout, according to the capital operation development strategy we have invested more than 132 million RMB as we come to be one of the shareholders of the Rural Commercial Bank, and invested more than 20 million RMB as we are the controlling shareholder of the Good Insight Investment Funds. We run our human resource management with the belief of “equality, open-mind and effective communication”, to “empower staff to do what they are capable of, and foster strengths and discard weaknesses”, thus, we have an outstanding management team. We have founded the “Vimsome Scholarship Funds” with 500 thousand RMB in the WISCO No. 3 Middle School as a way to feedback to the society showing our mood of caring the education. We are proud of supporting the education along with the company’s value up on the same way.
In the future, Wuhan Vimsome Group will exert itself on developing the upstream and downstream industrial chain that takes steel and iron as the core, and develop into a modern large enterprise group with the characters of large scale main business, industrial diversification, internationalized market, network operation, professional services and scientific management.

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